FireFlex Yoga

FireFlex Yoga is designed to improve first responders’ overall health and fitness. Through a focus on proper movement, FireFlex Yoga reduces injuries related to strain and sprain and speeds recovery time for injured police and fire personnel.

FireFlex Yoga includes four components: the Functional Movement Screen (FMSTM), customized yoga classes, training and postures, deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Classes take place on-site and can easily be modified to accommodate individual and department needs. FireFlex Yoga was designed to be a stand-alone program, and it can also augment existing wellness programs.

The efficacy of the FireFlex Yoga can be measured and is based on pre and post Functional Movement Screen scores and stress assessments with classes targeted to the precise areas identified on both assessments.

For more information and to arrange for services contact:


FireFlex Yoga Founder and Director | | 831.431.0850

Shannon is an experienced yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Having grown up in a fire family, with her father, sister, uncle and brother-in-law all serving as firefighters, Shannon is passionate about bringing health and healing to the firefighter community. A thought leader in her field, Shannon has 10 years of experience leading professional development training programs. She is a certified

Functional Movement Trainer and has a Masters of Arts in Leadership and Psychology.