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Information on the 2017/2018 Risk Control Program for LAWCX

Wellness Program Information

Staff has worked with the following wellness service providers for several years. They have provided wellness services for LAWCX members and come highly recommended.  For more information click on the Company name below.

FireFlex Yoga


FireFlex Yoga Founder and Director

www.fireflexyoga.com | shannon@fireflexyoga.com | 831.431.0850


Wellness Pinnacle

Felicia Gomez, Ph.D.

www.wellnesspinnacle.com | Fgomez@wellnesspinnacle.com | 559.977.1739

Bickmore Risk Control Website

Six tiles that give you what you need. Bickmore has released an upgraded safety website with easy to use resources to take your safety culture to the next level. With a focus on WHY safety matters, everything we provide is aimed to help inspire and motivate managers, supervisors, and employees to make a difference by being safe and productive. For more information from Bickmore and to access the portal and begin the registration process, please visit http://riskcontrol.bickmore.net/

Enhanced features:

  • Powerful search functionality making it easy to find topics and programs
  • 24/7 access to streaming videos and recorded webinars
  • Sample forms and inspection checklists

Check it out at: http://riskcontrol.bickmore.net/